NUT - Frauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik e.V.
NUT - Women in Science and Technology (Registered Association)    


What are the aims of the Association?


The registered association "NUT - Women in Science and Technology" has its origins in the nationwide congresses of women scientists and engineers held in Germany every year since 1975. The Association was founded in 1988 to act as a continuous interest and lobbying group for women in science and technology.


Tasks and goals of NUT are


  • to support women in science and technology
  • to promote the feminist critique of science
  • to advance the development of ecologically and socially sustainable alternatives in science and technology
  • to reduce the discrimination of women in science and technology
  • to raise the awareness for the situation of women in male-dominated professions
  • to enhance information exchange
  • to encourage interdisciplinary cooperation


Who are we?


Members of NUT are women working in science and technology, e.g. in Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geosciences, Agricultural Science or Mechanical Engineering. They study, are self-employed or work in public institutions or private companies. We invite every woman in science and technology to join NUT.


Topics of interest


Topics of interest are dealt with at conferences and nationwide and regional working groups. Current topics are:


  • feminist critique of science
  • sustainable development
  • information technologies
  • women networks
  • science and technology policy


Expert data base


NUT can help to find experts for scientific and gender issues that are willing to give lectures, to participate in panel discussions etc.


Book series


Together with the Talheimer Verlag, NUT publishes feminist books by women in science and technology. In 1999, the seventh volume of this series will appear.


How does the association work?


Meetings: Each year 1-2 general meetings are held in different towns in Germany, one of them at the annual congress of women scientists and engineers. The others are always combined with 1-day conferences.


NUT Newsletter: Three times a year, a NUT newsletter informs about the activities of NUT, discusses topics of interest and provides all types of information to the NUT members.




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